R&D Capabilities at Clean Science
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Committed to integrating innovation and technology for a sustainable future

Committed to integrating innovation and technology for a sustainable future

We, at CSTL, are committed to building a sustainable future. R&D forms the backbone of all processes and is the driving force behind our success. Our innovative technologies and inhouse R&D dynamic team is the power of the company. We are among the leading companies in India to have commercialized use of environment-friendly processes to manufacture certain specialty chemicals, at global capacities.
Our state-of-the-art automated manufacturing facilities have zero liquid discharge. Our operational excellence combined with strategic investments in world-class technologies, provide us with a platform for industry leadership. It has also enabled us to achieve sustained growth since our inception.

Leveraging the expertise of our dedicated product development and applications teams, we work closely with clients to deliver quality products that meet their specific application needs. We have been able to build a sustainable manufacturing process by optimizing use of conventional raw materials, improving atom economy, enhancing yields, reducing effluent discharge, and consequently increasing cost competitiveness.

Technical expertise that the company has developed over the years have helped CSTL carry out these processes at global scale capacities, which is difficult to replicate, and create significant barriers for new entrants. The company has developed these technologies through process innovation and consistent R&D.

Various catalysts have been developed in-house through R&D, which are used across process developments, and have helped improve productivity, yields, and cost efficiencies. By employing “clean-technologies”, our processes are different from conventional processes. We optimize use of non-toxic raw materials, resulting in lower effluent generation, and products that are not as harmful to the end-consumer as conventionally produced chemicals.

We operate from 3 manufacturing facilities. The speciality about each unit is that all the parts are dedicated to the highest level of operation efficiency. We have automated manufacturing facilities with proven design and commercialization capability. With all our ongoing activity, we make a point to follow all the local compliance and international regulatory requirements.

Our relentless commitment to R&D has helped us
anticipate, pursue and develop sustainable solutions,
optimizing product mix and conversion costs.

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